Saturday, November 22, 2008

jedi master: hawk

All must bow to me for I am king of the jedi, for I am Hawk. And if Yoda thinks he's better than me he should train more. All colors of the rainbow is the color of my light saber and all Yoda's color is, is green. All sith are scared of me. All because of me Darth Vader is no where to be found, I think he is all the way in another galaxy. Not so far away from your galaxy, huh?


Hanna said...

If you were a sith Yoda would run screaming.

Kim said...

Miles, I'm so glad you've decided to join us bloggers. You better write often, because it's disappointing to check the blogs and find nothing.

Oh, yeah, I can't wait for this weekend!

Love, Auntie Kim

prettiest sister said...

Miles, are you sure you are not from a parallel universe?

Kelly said...

Bow to you, I think not! I'd rather kiss Yoda.

mom said...

Oh, believe me, Darth is out there.....waiting.....bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. You better sleep with that sword.

kasey said...

Miles says, to Grandma: "Oh I'm trembling."
to Kelly: "You would kiss Yoda? He's the moldiest sucker out there."
to Hanna: "That's the way to respect a jedi."