Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the smuggla

I'm a smugglin' Miyo. She a doesn't like it! No she ain't likin' it. My face is weird. Look at that face! Look at Miyo's face, it's even weirder. Both of us' faces are lookin' weird.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dazzling dave world record holder of yo-yoing

I met this guy today. And he had class. And I was in it. I was able to do regular tricks, like Dribbling, Snapping the Wrist. Know how you do that: you just put your wrist back and just let it go forward and then catch it. It's just like Dribbling except you pull your wrist back, that's why they call it Snapping the Wrist. And then I accidentally did these really weird tricks, like the UFO. I tried to do Dribbling but the yo-yo went out of control and started spinning the wrong way and it turned into a UFO somehow. And this other trick I did was called a Throw Out. It's just like Snapping the Wrist except you throw it out instead of slapping it down. And the Throw Up you do that, except you throw it up. I did that and I accidentally did Jump the Moon. Which is the most hardest trick ever. I also did something called the Sleeper. I did that on purpose though. It's just Dribbling and like the UFO except when you turn it down, it does the UFO except it's mostly like Dribbling and then it stops at the bottom and keeps spinning. And then you just pull it back up.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

youngest kid with a beard 2

Look what the Peanut Butter Solution did to my beard! It turned it green. It shrunk it. What do I do now? I could have been put in the world records man! Come on!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Youngest Kid with a Beard

Meet the youngest kid with a beard: ME.

I was at the store once, and I saw this beard, and all these other things in a pirate kit. And there was a beard with it. And I asked my mom if I could get it, and she said yes. So I was sleeping one night, and when I woke up I saw it on my face. I don't know it got there, but I guess I'm stuck with it now until I found out the peanut butter solution.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

jedi master: hawk

All must bow to me for I am king of the jedi, for I am Hawk. And if Yoda thinks he's better than me he should train more. All colors of the rainbow is the color of my light saber and all Yoda's color is, is green. All sith are scared of me. All because of me Darth Vader is no where to be found, I think he is all the way in another galaxy. Not so far away from your galaxy, huh?

the big bang soda can

I thought this was all soda and it was at McDonalds. My mom was thinking I was weird. I didn't know why until I found out it was a thing where you put soda can tops in it.

biggest fish ever caught by me

This bass is 25 inches long. I caught it, when I was 6, in Rainy Lake. I was at my Grandpa Hal's, this is his lair. This bass is huge and it filled the stomachs of 6 people!

world records: biggest dandelion

One day I was outside and I found this huge dandelion. So I brought it in to my mom and she said it looked huge. I think it should be put down in the world records book because it's the biggest flower I've ever seen in my life.
Dictated but not read,